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Here’s what some of our patients are saying about the help they received for headaches.

  • I came to the chiropractor with a lot of pain in my neck and my back and I had a lot of headaches and sinus issues. Since I have been coming I have a lot less pain. The headaches and sinus are gone. Thanks to Dr. Tom I feel good again.

    -Maria T.
  • Before seeing Dr. Tom, headaches were a daily occurrence. Neck pain has also been an issue, which is actually part of the headaches. It feels great to wake up in the morning headache free. I am very glad I found Dr. Tom’s flyer and gave it a shot. Great find. Thank you Dr. Tom.

    -Lou D.
  • When I first started seeing Dr. Tom I was getting migraines just about every day if I didn’t take any medicine, but after coming and going through the exercises and adjustments I am now medicine free and migraine/headache free.

    -Amanda M.
  • I was diagnosed with migraines 7 years ago. Before Dr. Tom I experienced frequent episodes of dizziness as well as neck and shoulder pain. I had been going to different chiropractors which gave me short term relief, but I was also taking my prescribed migraine medication when needed. Since I have been coming to Dr. Tom, I am feeling long term relief. His treatment program has given me the results I have always wanted. I have had no episodes of dizziness, my neck and shoulder pain are gone and I have not taken any of my migraine medication. Dr. Tom’s flyer had been sitting in a drawer at home for a year before coming to him. I wish I would have come sooner.

    -Chris R.

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