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Reviews for Stags Family Wellness

Here’s what our patients are saying.

  • I’m extremely happy with Dr. Tom’s treatments. Only 2 treatments on my left knee corrected my problem there.

    -Tom H.
  • I was having some trouble with my left knee and Dr. Tom’s x-rays showed that my spine wasn’t quite in line. The treatments took care of my knee pain and he also helped with some neck and shoulder discomfort. I am fine now. Dr. Tom and his staff are very friendly and make you feel like family.

    -Mary Lou K.
  • About 4 days before Thanksgiving in 2010 I was awoken from my sleep with a severe pain in my right leg from the ankle to my knee. As time went on the pain progressed up from my ankle to my hip. This caused more sleepless nights and I had trouble walking and kneeling was painful. I finally decided to make an appointment to see Dr. Tom. After taking x-rays and analyzing the situation, a series of treatments were performed. On February 2 I had my last treatment and I can say I feel 90% better. Thank you Dr. Tom.

    -Maria B.
  • I came to the office with pain full bone on bone in both knees. It was difficult for me to move my right leg and drive my vehicle. Treatments have helped my knees. I can climb and descend stairs and walk heel to toe much better. I can move right leg on its own and do not have problems driving. The pain is much more manageable. Office treatments have been good for me.

    -Gary L.
  • In September I had my first consultation and treatment with Dr. Tom. In July I was having discomfort (pain) in my right arm and my right leg. I had much discomfort lowering myself into my car and also getting out of my car. I’m happy to refer and recommend Stags Chiropractic. My discomfort and pain appears to be gone 98-99%. Dr. Tom – Thank you!

    -Bob A.
  • My resolution for this year was to find the cause of pain in my knee which was now extending to my leg, ankle, hips and back. I wasn’t sleeping well at night. I had gone from walking 2 miles on an indoor track to just 3-4 laps. I had been taking physical therapy for 3 months, which helped strengthen me, but I still had the problem. I saw Dr. Tom at the Arthritis Foundation event at Lorain County Community College. I signed on with Dr. Tom and his treatments have been gentle and I’m glad to say that today my spine and back feel better. My hip pain is minimal. I can walk better up and down steps then before.

    -Janet W.

Video Testimonials

Lower Back Pain

I had a confirmed mildly herniated disc for the past 2 years, which I believed, was the reason for my back pain. Then I started experiencing difficulty and increasing pain with simple upper extremity movement such as lifting my right arm and turning my neck. I came to Dr. Tom with great hesitation because previous experience with a chiropractor created more pain and no answers. It wasn’t until my daughter, who experienced low back pain and headaches, began her sessions and had incredible relief within 2-3 weeks did I want to even venture seeing a chiropractor. I was impressed because Dr. Tom performed a thorough assessment of physical and mental status, x-rays, followed by a plan of treatment. I cannot brag enough of the immense improvement…no more ibuprofen, no more headaches and this is only after 1 month. I am able to lift and rotate my right arm that I was beginning to believe was dislocated, turn my head without muscle spasms and radiating pain from my shoulder to my lower back. I would never have believed that my back was the source of increasing urinary frequency yet that problem has now dissipated. I respect and value my primary care physicians, however, when the choice was between cortisone injections and surgery in the future as a possible solution, I attest that Dr. Tom has succeeded in providing a better plan for improvement of my health and well being. What a BLESSING to feel so much better.

– Joyce H.



I had numbness in my feet and burning and stinging too. My feet were always cold. I couldn’t walk up steps. After treatments with Dr. Tom, I no longer have cold feet or burning or stinging. I also can go up steps and I walk a lot better. Dr. Tom is a wonderful caring person and I’m glad I met him.

– Eleanor V.


Neck and Shoulder Issues

When I started seeing Dr. Tom my neck and shoulders ached and were very stiff. Now they’re much better and even my golf game has showed some improvement.

– Karl Z.


Knee Pain

I went to Dr. Tom in hopes of improving my back, knees and neck. As an afterthought I mentioned my restless legs. Since my treatments, I have little or no pain in my knees and even after shoveling I have only a slight irritation in my back. I have suffered with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) for about 25 years, long before this affliction was even given a name. I used to tell the doctors: “I shouldn’t always be aware that I have legs.” I’m sure those of you that have RLS can relate to this. Since going to Dr. Tom this has been erased. I no longer feel my legs at night, I don’t have to sit and rub my legs while watching television and I can go to parties without having to get up and start cleaning their house (I bet they’re disappointed in that). I am enjoying my life once again.

– Claire W.



When I first started seeing Dr. Tom I was getting migraines just about every day if I didn’t take any medicine, but after coming and going through the exercises and adjustments I am now medicine free and migraine/headache free.

– Amanda M.


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