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Lower Back Pain

Here’s what some of our patients are saying about the help they received for lower back pain.

  • When I came to Dr. Tom I was having lower back pain, pain down my leg, shoulder pain and many headaches. My outlook on what he could do for me was grim. I am happy to report after going through his program, my lower back pain and leg pain are gone, along with my headaches! Woo Hoo! Many thanks to DR. Tom. You are a blessing from God.

    -Jennifer B.
  • I was referred to Dr. Tom by my father. I’ve been dealing with lower back pain for 7 years due to a disc herniation. Each week my pain decreases and my mobility improves greatly. I have benefited more from the adjustments than any medication or injection. The attitude and professionalism of the staff has been excellent and truly represents how healthcare should be. Thank you, Dr. Tom for all your help.

    -James K.
  • Before I met Dr. Tom my family doctor sent me to physical therapy for my back. I went there for 5 weeks with no improvement. I found a flyer for Dr. Tom in our mailbox so we decided to try chiropractic. After 3 months I have more energy and not as tired as I used to be. I can move around without almost no discomfort in my back. I am so thankful for all Dr. Tom has done for me.

    -Carol M.
  • I came to see Dr. Tom after months of my daughter and wife telling me to give it a try. For years I’ve lived off taking many dosages of 600mg ibuprofen for my lower back and hip pain. After just a week of treatment with Dr. Tom I was able to stop taking the ibuprofen. I am now pain free with my lower back with only occasional pain from my hip that is managed by the treatments.

    -Maurice H.
  • I went to Dr. Tom for a lower back problem and in my legs. He has helped me. My back and legs are much better. He is very good. Thank you Dr. Tom.

    -Katherine W.
  • After watching the amazing results my mom had after just a short time of seeing Dr. Tom, I decided to try it for myself. I have had neck and back pain and poor posture for years. I was thrilled with the results! I noticed it mostly during my long distance bicycle rides. Prior to coming to Dr. Tom I would have lower back pain within the first 5 miles. It was pain I would have to endure every mile after. After some treatments I was able to ride 30+ miles without any pain at all. Thank you Dr. Tom and Stags Family Wellness!

    -Diane D.
  • When I walked into Dr. Tom’s office I was in so much pain that I had to sit down a few minutes before I could talk to them. My back did not want me to move. Now its 2 months later and I walk like I’ve never had a pain in my life. I’m very thankful for Dr. Tom and the treatments he gives. I suggest that everyone give him a chance to show them that there is help if you really want it.

    -Shelby F.
  • I’ve had pain in my lower back for years when doing work around the house and when driving more than 3 hours. After hearing Dr. Tom at our weekly community meeting (Jolly 60s), I decided to try chiropractic. I can truthfully say I’ve had no pain this summer. I’ve also noticed that my posture has improved. Chiropractic has definitely enhanced my life and made my body healthier.

    -Kathy C.
  • I have been seeing Dr. Tom for lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Since seeing Dr. Tom, pain has reduced by about 90% of the time and the headaches are further apart and less severe. Ability to raise arms and neck movement is better than has been in a long time. My energy level has increased since Dr. Tom’s treatment.

    -James H.
  • Dr. Tom has helped relieve lower back problem I’ve had for years. He has also helped with neck and shoulder pain. I feel so refreshed after each visit and am very happy I made the decision to see him.

    -Gloria Z.
  • I had low back pain for a while then I started to get frequent headaches. I lived with the pain but eventually I couldn’t deal with it, so I asked a friend about Dr. Tom. When I came in the office he took an x-ray that gave me a chance to actually see what was going on with my back. After Dr. Tom adjusted me the pain went away (to my surprise) and I have been pain free since. My headaches also went away.

    -Jennifer H.
  • I have had lower back pain for quite some time. A year ago my upper right arm started to hurt. With DR. Tom’s treatments my back ache is gone. My right arm is getting better. The pain isn’t quite as bad as it has been. I never thought that a chiropractor could get rid of the pain.

    -Carol K.
  • When I first met Dr. Tom I lived with constant hip and back pain. After Dr. Tom did the x-rays he told me that my hip bones weren’t even and my spine was curved way out of line, so when I walked it put pressure on my hips. I am now 80% free of pain. I sit and walk straighter than before. Thank you Dr. Tom!

    -Ray A.
  • Two years ago I was told I have acute osteoarthritis. I’ve been on pain pills and therapy and neither helped. Before Dr. Tom I could barely walk, needed help getting dressed and was in pain 24 hours a day. Now after only 2 weeks I walk much better, can stand straighter and the pain is almost gone. Thanks Dr. Tom.

    -Geneva E.
  • Before I came to Dr. Tom my back was keeping me out of sports and it was hard to walk and sleep. During my appointments I have rapidly been getting better. After a while I could sleep, walk and play sports pain freely. Dr. Tom has helped me in so many ways and he is a great guy also.

    -Jordan M.
  • 5 years ago I went to my family doctor with back pain. The doctor found 2 herniated discs. Two months ago I had back pain with sciatica after bending and pulling weeds. My husband had a good experience with Dr. Tom I went too. I was so bad I had to go up/down stairs one step at a time and lived on pain pills. After 3 visits I was off pain pills and after 2 weeks I could walk stairs normally. I recommend Dr. Tom – he was very gentle, considerate and I had no discomfort at all.

    -Gretchen P.
  • I am so grateful for Dr. Tom! I was 8 months pregnant and had such terrible back pain that I could barely walk. After just 2 sessions with Dr. Tom I was like a brand new person. Not only was the pain significantly less, I could move around with ease the remainder of my pregnancy. I can’t express how life changing this was and how grateful I am that I went to see Dr. Tom!

    -Lisa B.

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