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Neck and Shoulder Issues

Here’s what some of our patients are saying about the help they received for neck and shoulder Issues.

  • When I first came to see Dr. Tom I always had a nagging “pain in the neck” with frequent headaches and shoulder tension. Now with regular treatments other aches and pains in my body are feeling much better too. No more pain pills for me either. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time. Even after my treatments I will still come in regularly for adjustments to keep me healthy. Dr. Tom and his staff make me feel so welcome by always being friendly and accommodating with my needs.

    -Deb M.
  • Before seeing Dr. Tom I was experiencing a sharp electric or sharp tingle in my left fingers. My family doctor said it was coming from my neck. After my first treatment, Dr. Tom relieved it and haven’t had it return. Also I wasn’t able to raise my arm to my shoulder. Without help I can raise it over my head with ease. Then just a couple of weeks ago I had a bad fall on my back, injuring my spine. Dr. Tom straightened that out. Thanks Dr. Tom.

    -Tom T.
  • When I contacted the office they squeezed me in for treatment. My neck and shoulder pain was so severe I could not do any of my favorite activities (golf and mowing the lawn). Dr. Tom took time explaining my best course of treatment. He got me back to normal. I was mowing again but my golf game has yet to improve. I trust him so much I referred my boyfriend to him.

    -Chris F.
  • When I started seeing Dr. Tom my neck and shoulders ached and were very stiff. Now they’re much better and even my golf game has showed some improvement.

    -Karl Z.
  • When I started coming to Dr. Tom I was having backaches and headaches frequently. Now it seems the only time I hurt is when I’ve done some hard work. I have been off my sinus pills a whole month without any problems. I also can walk without limping as much.

    -Dorothy A.

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