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Here’s what some of our patients are saying about the help they received for neuropathy.

  • I had numbness in my feet and burning and stinging too. My feet were always cold. I couldn’t walk up steps. After treatments with Dr. Tom, I no longer have cold feet or burning or stinging. I also can go up steps and I walk a lot better. Dr. Tom is a wonderful caring person and I’m glad I met him.

    -Eleanor V.
  • I have been suffering with neuropathy in both my feet for at least the last 25 years due to diabetes. Since I have been undergoing treatments at Stags Family Wellness with Dr. Tom I can honestly say that the burning sensation has subsided. I can also say that my pain due to the neuropathy before the treatments was a 9-10 and now the pain is a 5-6.

    -Karoly M.
  • I have had numbness in my legs and open sores on the front of my legs. Since I started the treatment my legs have healed. I have feeling back. This has helped me a lot. I was also falling and I haven’t fell since I started this program. I feel better. Thanks Dr. Tom

    -Doyle B.
  • We received Dr. Tom’s flyer in the mail, the best thing that has ever happened to both of us. I am a diabetic and my legs and feet were both going numb. After losing both my twin and a brother to diabetes, meeting Dr. Tom is a blessing. My legs have all the feeling back and I feel great. My husband started a few weeks after me and he has always had a back problem. Dr. Tom’s treatments are sure helping him also. We are both very thankful to have met Dr. Tom and his staff. They are great people and they really care.

    -Diane and Joe M.
  • I went to this pain doctor for my back, feet and my neck. It did not help. On a whim, I saw an ad in the paper about Stags Family Wellness. I read the paper and thought maybe this could help. I love the cold laser treatment as my feet were always cold and it felt like I had tape on the bottom of my feet. I say its 100% better than when I started my treatments. The staff are wonderful and caring people. I always look forward to going out and seeing them. I love Dr. Tom and he is a great person who loves what he is doing to make people feel so much better. I tell all my friends about Dr. Tom and how wonderful he and his staff are. I love them all.

    -Cheryl B.
  • My problem was neuropathies of unknown origin. It was difficult to walk. After a series of treatments feeling had returned to my feet and I was walking without pain. I also discovered that my hand tremors had ceased and I could once more feed myself, type, knit and sew again, which I hadn’t been able to do for years. My neurologist could do nothing for me. Dr. Tom and his staff are truly caring individuals and will do their utmost for you.

    -Beryl M.
  • When I saw the ad in the paper I decided to give Dr. Tom a try. Nothing else had seemed to work to relieve the pain. I had tried injections and physical therapy on my neck but still could not look up. I also had diabetic neuropathy in my feet and had very little feeling there. Dr. Tom has put me on several therapies which have helped so much. I have less neck pain and more mobility. I am also regaining feeling in my feet. I really recommend Dr. Tom’s therapies to anyone who may have given up on getting relief.

    -David F.
  • I had great difficulty with my feet before I met Dr. Tom. He’s the first doctor who understood when I said my feet are numb, I don’t have feeling in them but they hurt. Most doctors would grin or they’d say it’s all in your mind.  After a few treatments I began to notice a difference and he’s made a big difference in my life. My feet were keeping me awake at night because they hurt. It felt like I had to keep moving and I used to walk the floor at night and now I don’t have to anymore. I’m very thankful for everything he’s been able to do for me.

    -Nancy S.
  • I came to Dr. Tom 8 weeks ago. I had back pain and pain in the legs and feet. I also had tingling and couldn’t sleep. Now I have thrown away my cane for walking. I get a full night of sleep now. Thank you so much. I have been bothered with this for 6 years.

    -Leroy C.

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